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Alcazaba de Malaga

Alcazaba de Malaga

Strategically located overlooking Malaga Harbor, Alcazaba de Malaga is a sight to see. This Alcazaba (Citadel) is the best preserved and maintained in all of Spain and well worth the minimal entry fee. The streets are lined with citrus trees, gardens and manicured landscapes rivaling some botanical gardens with unobstructed views of the Harbor, City, Cathedral and Gibralfaro Castle. The southern hike through the park is not your average Sunday stroll, you will quickly appreciate the strategic location of the castle perched upon the hill however, it well worth the hike if you bring water and a camera. There are two other entrances that are much easier to get to from City Center or via an automobile/Bus Tour. Either way, there is LOT of walking involved and MANY trip hazards. Bring sturdy shoes for walking, leave the high heels in you backpack, and switch them out for the photo shoot.

Don’t be afraid to explore, there are many hidden alley ways, side streets and gardens to explore. Look for other people and figure out how they got there. There are many signs for caution and tripping however, few signs or barricades for “Do Not Enter”. Be respectful as there are only a few of these and this is still an active excavation and rehabilitation sight.

Don’t forget to look up! Alcazaba de Malaga will give you a realistic insight to how Royalty lived in the 11th century. Ceilings, roofs and running water give an appreciation for their advanced building techniques coupled with irrigation retention (modern day Key Line Design”), with numerous fountains, ponds and streams cascading down to lower pools for collection. Rock lined gutters and collection points direct rainwater to the wells for irrigation and sanitary purposes.

Be patient and wait for your shot! While this is an incredibly popular attraction, if you are patient, you can get a selfie or photo without people in your photo. Set up your shot and be patient; you will get an opportunity and people in Spain have been incredible about getting out of my photos once they realize I am set up. I have not had to wait more than 8 minutes for a person less photo since arriving in Spain.

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